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Probability Analysis on the Possible Fate of the Hijacked 9/11 Passengers & Crew

In memory of the 9/11 Flight Victims, especially Flight Attendant CeeCee Lyles, who so valiantly and intelligently attempted to alert the World "it's a frame" through her coded recorded telephone message to her husband. May CeeCee and the now millions of  victims of the Zionist end-game to forever defeat and disperse their Arab enemies through contrived chaos and endless fratricide be avenged in the same demonic cutthroat circumstances their own lives were snuffed out (Panaia).
Government is the Root of all Evil  (Author)

Authors Preamble: this blog is concerned with the actual fate of the 911 passengers and crew - how their  lives were terminated, and the disposal of their corpses. Readers should refer to the comprehensive end notes for clarity and discussion on contested plot versions thrown up in the main body of this article.

In this blog we explore the unresolved mystery of the fate of the 4 hijacked planes and the passengers in the 2001 attacks in the USA using a rudimentary model of probability. As far as this Author understands, such an unorthodox approach has not been conducted, at least in the public domain. 

Indeed many theories have been posited online in relation to the possible fate of the 9/11 passengers, (see notes), though these diverse speculations of possibility have not been collated into a single chart for probability assessment. This is exactly what this Author intends to do in this examination of the missing passengers and planes. That is, only those possible scenarios within the scope of reasonable probability, will be subjected to measurement. Absurd impossible notions, which violate the laws of reasonable probability will be excluded.

"Those conspiracies that are too incredible to be believed, are by the same right, 
those which most often succeed." - Marshall McLuhan

Many independent observers now contend the preposterous official  [government] version of 19 Muslim ‘terrorists’, armed with box-cutters, seizing 4 commercial jets to slam the planes into buildings and ground, has been irrefutably debunked by a multitude of citizen researchers and investigators.  The professional and academic backgrounds of many of these truth exponents span a variety of disciplines in engineering expertise and related fields of empirical inquiry. This circumstance is beyond dispute.  

   Patriotism is the only Disease, where People other than the Afflicted, Die (Author).

As it stands, every major detail of the inside job or false-flag project has all, save one critical dimension, been definitively exposed and connected to the real neo-Con and Zionist conspirators. These same Straussian Semitic-Anglo culprits (see notes) never operated from fantasy desert and mountain hideouts in Iraq and Afghanistan, but were and are openly headquartered in NYC, DC and Tel Aviv. The missing puzzle piece is of course the persevering mystery of the actual fate of the alleged 4 hijacked planes and the passengers.

Leo Strauss, Zionist and Political Philosopher, advocated Plato's (Republic) Noble Lie,  when Rulers lie to the masses in order to maintain dominion. Strauss further revealed his deep fascist leanings in his private letters as follows: "The ultimate foundation for the Right is the principle of the natural evil of men; because man is by nature evil, he therefore needs dominion. But dominion can be established, that is, men can be unified only in a unity against—against other men." (source  Cloaked in Virtue:  Unveiling Leo Strauss and the Rhetoric of American Foreign Policy; Nicholas  Xenos 2010).
Authors Note: in this instance Plato's Noble Lie is a combination of patriotism and false flag 911.

This blog will thus propose 9 possible scenarios to then grade each scenario on a simple scale of probability as illustrated below:

In terms of the quality of probability, an analogous method to benchmark this probability scale against 3 possible weather phenomena, is proposed thus:

Drone Aircraft versus Commercial Aircraft has been well established by a plethora of civilian experts in aviation, aeronautics, and engineering that the planes crashed into the Twin Towers were drone aircraft, (or similar directed hardware), while a missile, not American Airlines 77, was shot into the Pentagon ‘E’ Ring wall. Commercial airliners did not strike any of the three targets. This highly probable, if not proven, scenario has been asserted on the basis of the copious counter-evidence so far released into the public domain. For the purposes of brevity, this blog will summarize only the principal counter-claim by conspiracy theorists in opposition to the official conspiracy narrative of “weaponized passenger planes”.

"It was not a nuclear bomb but a conventional 350 ton bomb" Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (13 September 2001) Interview NBCcandidly and carelessly explaining how the Twin Towers were blown up.

The speed and flight maneuvers of each of the so-called 3 weaponized passenger jets, grossly exceeded their specified Vmo (Vmo - the maximum airspeed at which an aircraft is certified to operate at ground or near ground level, ref Aviation Today). Flights, with specified Vmo of approx 400 mph, (at elevated altitudes),  smashing into the Twin Towers were clocked at exceeding 500 mph (ref NIST Report & 9/11 Commission Report). The speed of the alleged plane, AA 77, (and its incredible aerodynamic feats), which slammed into a relatively obsolete, though premeditated, zone of the Pentagon, also measured as greatly exceeding its Vmo, reaching fantastical speeds of 800 kms at ground level  (Dario Fo, Italian Nobel Laureate; Zero: An Investigation into 9/11, 2008) see notes.

BEFORE 'TUNNELING' THROUGH THE PENTAGON WALL!, for the sake of brevity, the discussion of this conspiracy element, albeit crucial, must at this stage suffice. Readers wishing to explore this aspect further are recommended to view the meticulous 5 hour long documentary, produced by Italian filmmaker, Massimo Mazzucco, September the 11th, the New Pearl Harbor (2013). 

Additionally, Readers should know, as early as the 1960s, the US military possessed the know-how to deploy drone aircraft for the exact same function – to swap out commercial airlines in flight with drones, to then shoot down the drones and blame the dastardly terrorist attack on an enemy. In this instance, the designated ‘evil terrorist enemy’ was Cuba – see Operation Northwoods and Mongoose.

Declassified FOIA documents revealing Operation Northwoods, plotted by members of the US military and 'intelligence' elite, were released several years back. Fortunately for Cuba, the presiding POTUS at the time, JFK, rejected the nefarious scheme (see JFK Assassination Records Act 1992).  This sage decision further lethally alienated JFK from the snake-pit that is the CIA. Consequently Kennedy was whacked in a military style ambush the following year in 1963.

Mainstream Media is the Bullhorn for the Establishment  (Author)

Drone Aircraft versus Remote Control Hijacking
An alternative false-flag theory accounting for the hijacking of the planes has been the notion of remote hijacking. This angle has been suggested by noted 9/11 author and whistle-blower Kevin Ryan. All the available evidence in the public domain however, overwhelming repudiates this concept. The second plane, (United Airlines 175), to strike the Towers was described by numerous witnesses, including aviation experts, as being armed with a pod tethered beneath its fuselage. Additionally, many more in-situ witnesses identified the same plane as being grey or black, or even a small plane. Not a single witness testified the plane was United Airlines or indeed a commercial airline.

Although the technology to remotely hijack commercial airlines may be real, the logistics of surreptitiously modifying 4 airliners seems in itself improbable. The real risk remote control technology could fail for just one airliner, would have been for the plotters, unacceptable. A majority of the ‘hijacked’ pilots were highly experienced, with some being military veterans. It is thus logical to conclude, if the airlines had in fact been remotely hijacked, the seasoned pilots would have done everything within their power to regain control or disrupt the hijacking.  Again, the risk of pilot counter-intervention would have been too great for the project leaders to accommodate. The slightest possibility just one of the airlines survived the ordeal of remote controlled hijacking would have posed dire consequences for the entire Straussian conspiracy (Leo Strauss: see notes)  .

LUNATIC POST 9/11 CORPORATE MEDIA PROPAGANDA further argument against the remote hijacking proposal is it cannot account for the numerous telephone communications from passengers and crew alike reporting on the hijacking, also 'racially' profiling the actual hijackers (see passenger Mark Bingham, and flight attendants Betty Ong and CeeCee Lyle’s calls). 

The flagrantly conspicuous circumstances of the Pentagon missile attack additionally contradicts the remote hijacking premise. Beyond all reasonable doubt, a missile, not an airliner, ploughed into the Pentagon. Furthermore, the 4 near indestructible titanium encased flight data and voice recorders, (intentionally secured at the rear of aircraft), for the alleged passengers planes smashing into the Twin Towers 'magically' vaporised. It later became apparent the same 'voodoo' obliterating the two thousand degree resistant 4 flight data recorders likewise caused 2 terrorist paper passports to jettison gently on to the street below from the same flights, as they were engulfed in a holocaustic fireball (ref 9/11 Commission Report). NB: if you believe this government version of the events, please seek urgent medical advice!

Whether drones, directed energy, laser beams, or complete illusion fakery such as CGI, holograms and Photoshop was employed by the plotters to replicate passenger aircraft slamming into the Towers, the core rationale of this blog analysis remains unaffected (see notes)

”The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy 
so monstrous he cannot believe it exists" - J. Edgar Hoover.

Probability versus Possibility brief distinction between these 2 modals needs to be inserted at this juncture in order the Reader does not confuse or conflate the 2 terms. In simple terms, the definition of probability refers to the likelihood to whether a possible event will happen or has happened. While the meaning of possibility refers to whether an event can or cannot occur usually in relation to empirical knowledge or known reality of phenomena. For example, snow is possible on the tropical Bali Island, while it is improbable, albeit a highly improbable occurrence. Alternatively, a volcanic eruption is possible in Bali, an event which is probable, if not highly probable.  Readers requiring further explanation on the differences between the 2 modals, can refer to their online dictionaries.

I awoke to find the rest of the world still asleep (Da Vinci). though this amateur schema is concerned with the improbable, as opposed to the impossible, scenarios of probabilities can be determined as logically or factually impossible due to conflicting data rendering the probability as an impossibility. Another way to grasp this formula is to propose the following possible probability:  on the first day of January 2015, Barrack Obama was probably in Washington DC. On further investigation it is discovered this possible probability was impossible, because Obama was holidaying in Bali at the exact same time. Thus the impossibility of the claim of past probability was asserted with empirical evidence e.g. news reports, video evidence, eye-witness accounts and so on. In other words, it is impossible for a person to be in 2 locations simultaneously.  This formula can be further expanded: it was possible that Obama spent New Year’s Day in any capital city of the world, however, it was highly improbable Obama stayed in Pyongyang (among other improbable locations) for New Year’s Day.

That the Worst of Crimes have always been Perpetrated 
by and within Society’s Institutions (Author).

The logicality for this model of probability hinges therefore on the high probability the real 9/11 perpetrators replaced at least 3 of the 4 hijacked passengers planes in mid-air shortly after departure from their respective airports (within 30 minutes after take-off). At least 3 of the planes were diverted to a black-site, i.e. clandestine military air-strip, while drone substitutes were piloted by remote control into their WTC targets. This false-flag diagram includes the incontrovertible truth American Airlines 77 did not crash into the Pentagon. Instead, a war plane discharged a missile into the Pentagon building, intentionally striking the E Ring and the defence budget analysis offices.

SPOILER ALERT: If you cant be bothered to read to the very end then this is how 'they' pulled it off. The so-called 19 Muslim hijackers were in truth, 19 Mossad agents. The conspirators simply arranged forged / cloned passports (or similar ID) for the real Zionist culprits, who seized control of the flights, to re-route the same flights to a clandestine airstrip. It was simplicity in itself: the identity of the actual hijackers were concealed under the bogeyman cover of 19 Islamic Middle-Eastern Arabs (Saudis: see notes). The phantom 19 Muslims got the blame, while the very real Mossad hijackers went completely unnoticed. It took this Author a 'while' to decipher this phase of the gruesome plot, thus revealing how profoundly dunce he is to have missed it for so long. 

Politicians are the Suited Whores of Capitalism (Author)

The Probability of Nine Possible Scenarios 
Only reasonable possible scenarios that could account for the missing 4 planes and their passengers are outlined.

1. All passengers and crew were in on the plot, diverted planes to designated site. Crew and passengers retire to Bali with bucket loads of cash. Drone aircraft deployed to replace commercial airliners. Planes destroyed or “rebirthed”.

Probability Measure = I


2. Planes along with passengers and crew never left respective airports. Passengers, crew and planes smuggled out of airports while drone aircraft deployed to replace commercial airliners. Passengers and crew terminated, then incinerated. Planes destroyed or “re-birthed”.

Probability Measure = I

According to BBC reports 
4 of the 19 hijackers 
turned up alive
within days post 9/11. 

 This 'explosive' evidence
did not alter in the slightest 

the official US narrative of 19 
"Middle Eastern Muslims".
3. Pilots from all 4 planes in on the plot, divert planes to designated site, while drone aircraft deployed to replace commercial airliners. Passengers terminated then incinerated. Planes destroyed or “rebirthed”. Pilots move to Bali with bucket loads of cash.

Probability Measure = I


4. Nineteen Muslim hijackers crashed all 4 planes as claimed by the US Government.

Probability Measure = I


5. Nineteen Muslim hijackers divert planes to designated site, while drone aircraft deployed to replace commercial airliners. Crew and passengers terminated then incinerated. Planes destroyed or “rebirthed”. Muslim hijackers move to Bali with bucket loads of cash.

Probability Measure = I


6. Pilots from all 4 planes swapped out before departure. Conspirators (trained pilots) divert planes to designated site, while drone aircraft deployed to replace commercial airliners. Passengers and crew terminated then incinerated. Planes destroyed or “rebirthed”.

Probability Measure = I


7. A mix of passengers and pilots in on the plot, divert planes to designated site, while drone aircraft deployed to replace commercial airliners. Innocent passengers and crew terminated then incinerated. Conspirators move to Bali with bucket loads of cash. Planes destroyed or “rebirthed”.

Probability Measure = P


8. A group of embedded non-Muslim passengers alone responsible for the hijackings, divert planes to designated site, while drone aircraft deployed to replace commercial airliners. Other passengers and crew terminated then incinerated. Planes destroyed or “rebirthed”.

Probability Measure = P

Reasons Embedded contractors (Mossad agents) inserted (either in flight-decks or passenger areas) prior to or during boarding time on to each plane. At gun-point contractors, likely masquerading as law enforcement officers or off-duty / additional / trainee flight crew, divert planes to designated site, while drone aircraft deployed to replace commercial airliners. Crew and passengers terminated then incinerated. Planes destroyed or “rebirthed”.

This scenario includes the probability, embedded Mossad agents, boarded the flights under the guise of 'bonafide' paying passengers. Their existence however, was expunged from the published flight manifests. Alternatively, the Anglicised / Semitic names of the real passenger foot soldiers were simply traded with the 19 Arab / Muslim names published. 

Zionist plotters, using fraudulent / cloned identity documents bearing the exact same identities of the officially 19 scapegoated Muslim Arabs, is a theory that cannot be discounted. In terms of risk and strategy management, this contrivance to get the real Mossad conspirators anonymously on board the 4 flights should be regarded as the highest probability. Additionally, this scenario rationally accounts for the discovery of the 2 miracle 'terrorist' passports, ludicrously recovered alongside the pulverized ruins of the Twin Towers, following their  'meta-physical' ejection from volcanic like eruptions. [1]

Probability Measure = HIGHEST

"With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but (God) 
will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one's donkey would die, 
they'd lose their money. This is his servant...
That's why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. 
Gentiles were born only to serve us. 
Without that, they have no place in the world – 
only to serve the People of Israel".  Ovadia Yosef: Chief Rabbi of Israel  
(source: Natasha Mozgovaya and Haaretz Service Oct 20, 2010).

The Gruesome End Probability
Assuming scenario 9 is the truth, how exactly were the lives of the passengers and crew ultimately extinguished?, it must be emphasized the 9/11 false-flag project, reminiscent of the JFK 'hit', was executed with military precision. This  suggests the actual plot foot-soldiers, were merciless killers and had logically planned for the most efficient way to terminate and eliminate the forensic existence of their many captives. 

History has demonstrably taught us how the most efficient and sociopathic killers are principally found among the ranks of religious and political zealots, including Judaism and its extremist political equivalent, Zionism. Hereon, Readers are invited to conduct their own research on this topic.  Suffice to point out, classic Judaism views non-Jewish people or gentiles (i.e. the rest of the world) as goyim to live and die, not unlike cattle, for God’s chosen people, the Jews (see the Talmud). Here, for example, is just a snippet of the vile supremacy espoused by the holy book, the Talmud: “a gentile female can be violated at the age of three” (9 aboda Sarah 37a: NB this Talmudic verse translation is the subject of dispute and thus caution is advised to the accuracy of the literal interpretation). Ironically, the much maligned Mohamed seems 'progressive' in comparison, when he counsels, 6 year old females are fair game for marriage  (see the Koran). Mohamed, unlike his Talmudic  and Abrahamic counterparts, did not specify the female had to be a non-Muslim or indeed a ‘gentile’.

It is highly probable the crew and passengers met their fate in a remote military hangar, or similar like clandestine asset, where they were briefly detained after deplaning. At this point in time, it was likely the victims, although alarmed and confused, had no idea what was in store. Their Mossad ‘handlers’ would have sought to reassure the victims with claims of “drills”, “mock hijackings”, "ransom demands" or even "political prisoner swaps". It also appears, several of the victims were forced or tricked into placing bogus telephone calls to their loved ones, claiming they were still in-flight, while dastardly “middle-eastern” men had commandeered the plane (see CeeCee Lyles and Betty Ong’s phone calls, see notes).

Why are Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. 
We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why Gentiles were created."
Ovadia Yosef: Chief Rabbi of Israel (source The Jerusalem Post. October 18, 2010).

It is impossible to determine whether all the victims were detained together, or each of the 3 (or all 4) hijacked planes were staggered, as each plane population was ‘processed’. In terms of project efficiency and risk management, it is probable the victims were staggered, as it seems untenable  the foot-soldiers were able to contain and manage over 200 victims bunched together in the same space. Additionally, it is difficult to determine with any certainty, whether all 4 planes were re-routed to the same ‘processing facility'. In terms of probability as it relates to risk management and actual resources on the ground, it is likely at least 3 of the swapped out planes were diverted to the same ‘slaughterhouse’.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete 
when everything the American public believes is false"

Finally, the grisly fate for the victims most likely transpired as follows: passengers and crew were individually summoned from a controlled holding area. At this time, victims may have been led to believe they were to be interviewed, then released. Under escort, individuals are led to another part of the facility. As the individual arrives at a designated station, he observes the floor is covered with sheets of plastic. Upon further examination he sees he is standing on what appears to be a ‘sleeping bag’ unzipped and spread out. At point blank, the victim is shot in the head from behind, by a gun modified with a silencer mechanism  - most likely 22 calibre to minimise cranial tissue protrusion and spatter. The victim drops on or very near to the body-bag, and is swiftly bagged. The deceased is then placed on a conveyance with other victims. When the transport conveyance has reached its corpse load limit, it is driven to the nearby industrial incinerator. In the ‘kill room’, a fan is switched on to blow away gun smoke and death smell, in preparation for the arrival of the next victim. It is likely multiple kill stations operated simultaneously to expedite the elimination of the large number of the condemned.

Incinerating the corpses of the victims, (and their belongings), literally on the spot, was the most efficient and effective means for erasing the forensic evidence their bodies unfortunately represented on that day. [2] scenario 9 is most probably the real fate of the missing crew, passengers and aircraft [3]. It goes without saying, even though their deaths were monstrously hideous, the same diabolical architects of Project 9/11 massacred another 2700 souls in similar psychotic circumstances at the actual demolition sites. This phase of the 9/11 project was of course the preliminary to a much larger rapacious campaign of disembowelling and dismembering Arab nations by democidal governments in the Anglosphere. Meanwhile, Israel stands by to reap the geo-political rewards of a balkanized and bludgeoned middle-east, forever fractured from ethnic, religious and fratricidal conflict. 

Miki Zohar, Member of the Israeli Knesset,  said, during a radio debate ,  “You can’t fool the Jews, no matter what the media writes. The public in Israel is a public that belongs to the Jewish race, and the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending.”
(as cited by the Times of Israel: 2018).

It would be pathologically naive to assert Israel / Zionism was the sole beneficiary of the 911 self-inflicted catastrophe and fabricated casus belli. The US and UK Military Industrial Complexes, Bankers, Financiers, Oil Barons and Robber Barons have each grossly profited from the 911 deception. US (UKASA) security agencies have also gorged voraciously on the blood of the 911 self-mutilation wound, growing exponentially both in size and tyranny. In short, the Ruling Elite across the Anglosphere have been vastly enriched and empowered by the political, financial, military, security and propaganda windfall 911 produced. 

Panaia 2017     (scroll down for critical explanatory notes)


The Araron Russo Interview with Alex Jones
'Nicholas Rockefeller told me 9 months before 9/11 their was going to be an event. This event will give United States cause to invade Afghanistan, Iraq and topple Chavez (Venezuela). The event will create a bogus never- ending war on terror, where there is no real enemy other than imagined boogeymen. The entire thing will be a great hoax manufactured by the event (9/11)'.

For the exact speech by Russo - the interview is linked here. Russo died in the 2007 - after receiving a veiled death threat in Yiddish during a recorded interview from a fellow Jew and banker. He died from a cancer related illness. However it is very likely his cancer was introduced into his body by external factors, eg Directed Energy Weapon.

Verbatim Excerpt of Russo Interview

Aaron acknowledged, “”He was the one who told me eleven months before 911 … happened that there was going to be an event, (he never told me what the event was going to be), but that there was going to be an event, & out of that event we would invade Afghanistan. … [Then] we were going to invade Iraq to take over the oil fields & establish a base in the middle east.” Other countries such as Venezuela will apparently also be invaded.
“I remember him telling me we were going to see [the military] looking in caves for people in Afghanistan & Pakistan,” such as “Osama bin Laden,” proclaimed Aaron. And that “there’s going to be this war on terror in which there’s no real enemy.” Aaron explained that because this war on terror was to have no real enemy defined, it would be endless. According to him, this was to be done to terrorize the public into submission, as part of a strategy to bring about a “New World Order.”

1. The Moron Masses: sadly many pundits bought the ludicrous  scam of magically materialising terrorist passports. Is it really any wonder the Ruling Elite harbour so much homicidal contempt for the subordinate classes? We dunces are just as culpable for our own enslavement, as much as, the 'masters' who tie the bonds and  raise the lash.

2. Executing the Passengers: it has been suggested passengers could have been 'efficiently' executed en-route to the clandestine landing sites by way of depressurizing the cabins. This is unlikely, given the victim bodies, along with their cabin luggage, would have had to been removed one by one from the planes. Too labor intensive and messy. Logically it would have been more efficient for the passengers to self-evacuate the planes, with their luggage, in order their bodies could be killed and incinerated.

Furthermore it has been convincingly proven several of the flight victims conducted surface based telephone communications after deplaning the hijacked planes. This is why it is so critical  to recover the cellular phone records for CeeCee Lyles in particular. CeeCee's husband  may in fact hold the most compelling piece of false-flag evidence in the form of  a simple paper cellular phone bill.

Carry On Luggage - alternatively, when passengers were removed from the planes, they were prohibited from bringing their carry-on luggage. This restriction may have been applied by the handlers in preventing passengers and crew alike from accessing concealed data / communications devices etc. This restriction would then require the physical removal of on-board luggage by the handlers either at the killing station or final destination of the aircraft.

3.  Hiding the Aircraft: the actual fate of the 4 aircraft can be reduced to 2 probabilities. All aircraft were  flown overseas, either as they were or partially re-birthed / disguised, (on the same day, after the passengers were taken off and taken out), to Israel or to a very close regional Israeli ally. Modus for this probability is self-explanatory requiring no further analysis.

The alternative possibility of destroying the aircraft  i.e. deleting their physical existence, would have been more complex. It is possible the aircraft was wrecked at the same clandestine sites, where the passengers and crew were liquidated. How exactly the planes were wrecked into oblivion is difficult to speculate with precision. Were the planes simply dynamited it would entail a large cleaning up operation. Were the planes dismembered, for example, the engines, wings and tail  separated from the body, how then were individual parts finally wrecked. The possibility the planes, sans their engines, were wrecked similar to any condemned automobile, i.e. crushed, cannot be discounted. This postulation still leaves the problem of concealing the final flattened wreckage, along with the engines.

On the scale of probabilities the first scenario of evacuating the aircraft overseas is much more plausible. Even if the relocated aircraft were not re-birthed at their final 'foreign' destination, the aircraft may instead have been wrecked in a much more concealed  and risk free environment.

4. The Kissinger Quote: according to a Wikipedia article, Kissinger denies making this statement. However, Kissinger's denials are to be afforded the same credence as an adult extends to tales of an obese bearded man squeezing down chimneys every 24th December. The 'man', (Kissinger, not Klaus), is a consummate liar and Machiavellian war criminal - see Christopher Hitchens' Kissinger rap-sheet biography aptly titled: The Trial of Henry Kissinger.

Paradoxically, the same statement denied by Kissinger abundantly captures and reflects  the lunatic patriotism, which has infected so many generations of US males, who literally kill and die for imperialistic 'policies'  crafted by mandarin office-bound sociopaths, such as the likes of Henry Kissinger. Kissinger is in fact, 'spot on'.

5. Frank De Martini: during the Twin Towers evacuations, Frank remained inside to help the evacuation, no doubt confident, the buildings would remain intact. De Martini is credited with saving some 70 lives by directing people to the exits and removing obstructions from the exits. He perished in the controlled demolition of the Towers. 

6. The Francesco Cossiga Quote - former Italian President: due to the singular significance of an admission, by an elite member of the Establishment, a separate list of evidential sources is posted below. Clearly Cossiga had little to lose by breaking ranks and speaking out. He died shortly after casting this allegation. An accusation mostly ignored in the USA and across the Anglosphere.

7. The Saudi Red Herring: many researchers understand the Saudis (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) are somehow implicated in the 911 Project.  The provocative heavily redacted and ultimately meaningless 28 pages from 911 Report into the Saudis certainly, if not intentionally, fuelled this theme. The Saudis did NOT pull off 911. They had not the capacity, initiative  or resources to  do so. The extent of the Saudi link is limited to the sham, the hijack pilots were mostly identified as Saudis. It is likely the Saudis were in on the plot, but not the way most observers, including researchers, understand. 

Leading up to the Event, the Saudi patsies (hijack pilots) did everything  they could (short of running naked through Times Square screaming Allah Akbar!) to leave red hot trails to support the pre-designed official narrative of 19 sleeper maniacal Islamic terrorists. These are the same cocaine snorting pious Islamic terrorists, who ostentatiously took flight lessons in single engine planes, 'discreetly' insisting to the Instructors, they had no interest in learning how to land a plane. 

The Saudis are implicated in the preparation (psych-ops) stages only: that is the alleged hijackers (patsies) were logically Saudi agents on loan to the Real 911 Plotters. And this accounts for why the BBC reported within weeks of the Event, 4 of 19 hijackers were alive and well in their home countries (see below). Because the Saudi patsies were repatriated either  before Event 911 or during the attack. Nevertheless this interpretation of the plot begs 2 questions: (a) why the plotters did not simply recruit and deploy Iraqi or Afghani 'terrorist patsies', to reconcile neatly with the subsequent invasion of the same 2 nations? and; (b) how did the mega-rich Saudi theocracy actually benefit from the 911 sham? 

(a) Short answer is the Anglosphere led by the USA did not invade and splatter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in spite of the sham of pinning the hijackings on mostly Saudi nationals. Understandably the Plotters were unable to recruit and / or trust patsies from the same targeted countries for destruction Finding at least a dozen or so contractors to consciously betray their countries of birth, placing their own families and friends in certain peril would be extremely difficult; a recruitment quest fraught with the risk of mutiny by the contractors overcome by sentiments (albeit latent) of nationalism and uncompromising love for family.  

Additionally, patsy Saudi hijackers neatly coheres with the Saudi national, Osama bin Laden (a.k.a. Tim Osman) - a Frankenstein bogeyman creature arduously created and inflated by the CIA throughout the 1990s. Despite a complete absence of any credible evidence to hang 911 on ObL, he was identified by the US Establishment as the Saudi Mastermind within 24 hours of the Event.

(b) This Author is no Middle-East scholar by any stretch of his narcissist imagination. Nonetheless, even this certified dunce understands the Saudi regime, a strong ally of Israel, hated and feared Saddam's Iraq. Geo-politically, it was in the Saudis best interest to see Iraq emasculated, and this accounts for their collaboration with the neo-Con and Zionist Master Plotters. Sometime in the future, the Saudis may come to deeply regret their collaboration.

8. Leo Strauss: Leo Strauss, German Jew scholar and Zionist who essentially endorsed the Roman poet Ovid's very Machiavellian maxim, in the context of the continued dominance of imperialism - the end justifies the means. These ends included Plato's Noble Lie, which advocated the use of mass deception to perpetuate ruling class dominance. Thus the more notorious neo-Con adherents (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Kristol, Perle, Wolfowitz et al) idolize Strauss and his sociopath neo-fascist ideology (see also the infamous Project for a New American Century document; a neo-Con road-map on how the USA should reassert global dominance; published in September 2000).

9. CGI and Hologram Impact Simulation: bona-fide research into the 911 fraud, must include reviewing material asserting no aircraft whatsoever crashed into the Towers. Rather, as this version explains, aircraft impact into the Towers was wholly simulated by CGI and or holograms.

There exists a substantial body of serious and convincing research theorizing CGI / Holograms were used to dupe the masses.  For example, these researchers have observed: 

(a) as the planes allegedly approached their WTC targets at dangerously low altitudes, no engine roar were heard by onsite witnesses; 

(b) commercial aircraft would require up to 6 times the engine thrust to maintain the alleged speed of 500 mph they were clocked approaching their WTC targets. Aeronautically, these speeds at near ground level, are impossible, as commercial aircraft would literally break up under heavy atmospheric stress and pressure. This is in addition to the claim, the engines could not mechanically produce the required thrust to cruise at such ferocious speeds at perilously low altitudes;

(c) Traditionally there has been a long lag of at least 2 decades, between what the military secretly possess in relation to technology and to public knowledge of the same classified technology;

(d) Claims, albeit disputed within the movement, commercial aircraft, generally fabricated from light-weight aluminium, could not "road-runner like" breach the Towers (as they apparently did), let alone cut through the columns, to exit the other side. In terms of physics, ie the laws of motion, the strongest argument supporting this is the notion, the 100 ton commercial aircraft collided against a 100 000 ton structure. The planes, and not the building, should have shattered on impact. Experiments involving controlled collisions of trucks, and aircraft being smashed into a concrete wall seem to bear this out (refer to YouTube etc for the experiments);

(e) During the actual demolition event, a 'mystery' unidentified commercial size plane was captured on video. Proponents of the simulated impact theory, suggest the holograms were projected from this circling plane;  

(f) The incredible and preposterous plane nose protruding the 2nd Tower must also be examined. On viewing video of the 2nd impact, the researcher can discern part of the plane's fuselage, the nose, surviving the holocaustic inferno of initial impact, to travel right through the building to appear on the other side. This in itself beggars belief.

10. No Flights, Commercial Aircraft & Passengers Theory: in spite of the apparent absurdity of this version, it needs, for the benefit of inclusion, be reviewed. 

It is definitely possible, the Plotters orchestrated the fraud to such a deceptive depth, that the actual 4 flights, their departures and so on, were completely fabricated. Logically this would imply (a) no passengers and crew were murdered on that day; and (b) the actual planes were either non-existent in the first place, or were disappeared prior to the fraud. (c) alternatively, and as noted earlier, passengers and crew were abducted at the departure airports, or prior, and never boarded those alleged hijacked planes.

This version though abundantly conflicts with much evidence thus far substantiated in relation to the existence of both the planes and the passengers / crew.

For example.....

11.The Incredible Looping Acrobatics of American Airlines 77 there's a  simple and incontrovertible explanation for the dizzying and dazzlingly aeronautical feats of AA 77 as it approached its Pentagon target, conspicuously circumventing the DC Capital: 

(a)  the aircraft (the scripted AA 77) was either a disguised military plane or a fighter jet and; 

(b) because outer  E Ring (civilian office of accounting and auditing; remember the unaccounted 2.3 trillion from the defence budget, Rumsfeld announced the day before?) was the designated and only target, the military aircraft had to maneuver to a precise position to line up the Pentagon site for a missile strike.  Its not 'rocket' science folks.

12. The Persistent Enigma of Building 7 - Solved: common sense, combined with the adoption of sinister 'thought processes' from the perspective of the Plotters, will ultimately reveal every detail of the 911 Fraud.  Building 7 (or the Salomon Building) and its entire 47 storeys,  was razed to the ground at documented free-fall in circumstances as explained:

(a) Demolition Reasons

(b) Bungled Demolition 'Domino' Logistics

(c) The 1700 Hours Demolition Deadline 

13. Flight 93 and its Partner Drone: by now it should be patently obvious to the Reader, what really happened to Flight 93, and why a Shanksville pre-existing ditch was used as a staging area to fabricate an airline crash.

(a) Drone Misfire

(b) Reconciling the 4th Hijacked Plane

14. The CeeCee Lyles Cell Phone Recording: listen to the recording until the line is disconnected. Listen closely, when CeeCee (a former police woman) intentionally and intuitively fumbles the return of the handset to the handler, before the call is terminated. 

Four segments of the recording to note: (a) After CL exhorts her husband to listen carefully, she repeats in succession 3 times, she is phoning from a plane - cleverly emphasising the technological impossibility of a cellular call from a plane in flight; (b) a complete absence of ambient aircraft noise, background chatter, and passenger panic. Its as though the call was placed from a local library, and not a roaring jet barrelling through the stratosphere piloted by a single engine Cessna flunky; (c) as CL purposely fumbles (and delays) the termination of the call, a distinct though disputed message can be heard "its a frame"  [for most truth exponents this segment is the most critical. I disagree]; (d) CL last communication and for me, the most revealing and ignored, was her faint apology "sorry" after she cleverly fumbled the phone. This apology begs the question, who was CL addressing on an alleged hijacked plane, after she fumbled her own cell phone?    

The CeeCee Lyles Recording (source FBI)

Suggested Further Research
  • Review circumstance the security for 9/11 airports was  operated by an Israeli owned corporation with obvious Mossad links, - ICTS. (sources: Wikipedia ICTS International;  What Really Happened, undated; and Christopher Bollyn, The Dual Deception of 9/11 & the Fraudulent War on Terror, Seminar 2016).  
  • Review video surveillance records for the embarkation airports involved. Begin scrutiny at least 5 hours prior to scheduled departure of flights.
  • Accessing bona-fide surveillance tapes capturing passenger check-in and boarding stages should reveal the identity of the real hijackers.
  • Research backgrounds of the 9/11 check-in / boarding staff.
  • Research backgrounds of the 9/11 pilots / flight attendants - possible crew members were in on the plot.
  • Research location, manufacture and sales of industrial incinerators before 2001.
  • Research large transfer and sales of body bags prior to 9/11.
  • Research existence of and access to cellular phone records for 9/11 passengers, including records of those people on the ground attempting to call passengers.
  • Research at a much deeper level backgrounds of the CEOs / Directors / GMs for the airlines involved.
  • Research probability weapons, restraints etc were concealed on all 4 flights to arm the Mossad hijackers, who successfully cleared standard pre-boarding screening.
  • Research possibility the 4 hijacked airliners were re-birthed and sold o/s.
  • Research availability of satellite imagery for the regional North American 9/11 time-frame, including landing sites in Israel / Saudi Arabia - possibility Russia and China captured and retained the evidential imagery.
  • Research the  TRUE destination of United Airlines Flight 93, preposterously  entirely swallowed up by a pre-existing ditch in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It is very possible the [scripted] target of UA 93 was another tower (e.g. the Sears Tower) which was also rigged with explosives. 
  • Research at a much deeper level backgrounds of the passengers, bearing in mind the released manifests are fraudulent. These manifests were proven corrupt due to the fact a number of the alleged Muslim hijackers turned up alive several days after 911 in their own countries (see BBC news archives). However what has not been considered is the probability the existence of real passengers (aka Mossad agents) were expunged from the flight manifests prior to their publication. Alternatively, the real identities of the real plotters were swapped with the scapegoated Muslim Arabs. Consider also the probability the same plotters used duplicate passports or similar ID papers of the 19 scapegoated Muslim Arabs, and this explains how their names came to being on the flight manifests. Because the number "19" really represents the exact number of embedded Mossad agents and contractors on board those ill-fated flights.

By the same Author: 

Open Letter to Noam Chomsky - Crypto-Zionist

Unravelling Empire USA : FALSE FLAGS



  1. Would somebody please state that the tiny crater at the Shakesville, PA site was way, way too small to have been caused by the crash of any passenger plane but had to be simply caused by a single bomb, at most a 500 pound one. And there were no debris and absolutely no body parts of any type, but there was a brand spanking new "black box"!

    1. I thought so, too. So I called a buddy of mine from high school, who flew jets for the Navy, then became a Delta 767 pilot, and he said planes can literally disappear in such an event, so I Gurggled it. And you know what?

      It's true.

      That being said, I agree the flight 93 hole was staged.

    2. Can you link to any examples of planes disappearing into there impact sites?
      I think your pilot friend is wrong but if you can show evidence I will came my mind.

  2. This is already well known among the 911 Truth Movement. There is absolutely no doubt, 911 was an Inside Job - this has been abundantly established.

    The harder task (beyond proving 911 was a FF) is getting the US government to investigate itself - similar in nature to the police investigating the police. That is, holding the CIA and FBI and members of the political elite in DC accountable.

    This is no easy task, given the same culprits control the very resources required to prosecute them.

    1. Which is why I say THE PEOPLE need to get involved, stop supporting ANY war. We need to take the wealthy elite, the "8500"'s power away, by going to a crypto-currency. We need to reduce population sensibly, and a host of other things that all begin with changing folks' minds. And my pilot friend believes the official story, because he cannot fathom how people could be so evil,

      Well, they can be.

  3. @Frankie P (I have a friend, Frankie A, a.k.a. "Frankie the Tuna..), anyway,

    GREAT WORK HERE! I had my suspicions of 9/11 of being an inside job within a month or so of the attack, and through the last 16 years, I have read & researched a lot about the subject, so I am very well-informed, thanks to folks like:

    and many others, who I want to thank for their hard work and risk to their lives. The NWO satanists are very committed at doing anything to stop their enemies, so we must do anything back. Anyway...

    This is really a great compendium of facts & resources, and although I do have the odd issue on some of your points. There is some evidence to suggest that a large plane did hit the pentagon (', although I believe the are probably right about it not being a plane; but minor shit like that, and I totally agree with the idea that the HOW matter less than the WHO, as we think we have the Why (either Zionism 101, Illuminati/neocon/wealthy elite), which is basically GREED and MEGALOMANIA.

    The other issue is the first photo of a hole in a wall that you imply is the pentagon crash hole, and although I can't be 100% sure, I do believe it was the hole on the second wall (back wall) of the first ring? So it wouldn't have the tail by then, and the photo suggests it's the entrance hole. But perhaps I misunderstand?

    Great site I will promote.

    1. Yo Dr Moebuis, thanks for your comments.

      I acknowledge your remark on the picture depicting the Pentagon hole in the wall i.e.. which wall exactly does this image represent?

      I have not thoroughly researched the details of the image and thus it is possible the image refers to an internal ring wall. Nonetheless the symmetry of the puncture hole does not correlate with a collision of a asymmetrical jumbo jet.

      I will revise this item to improve accuracy of the blog content.

      Your other comment on the type / size of the plane striking the towers is noted. However it has been well established only 2 scenarios are feasible: (1) deployment of Drone Aircraft or (2) complete CGI fakery.

      No occupied passenger jets were deployed against targets - this was, in relation to the logistics of the 911 plot, impossible and illogical.

      All 4 jets were hijacked by Mossad contractors and diverted to a clandestine air field...and so on.

  4. I'm not very smart I admit, I always knew from the pentagon perspective that something was amiss. Can you explain in laymen terms what happened. my comprehension sucks and has since school

  5. Everyone should know by now no planes were used in 9/11. No recorded phones calls made from any aircraft. Its impossible since phones are unable to work at over 8,000 ft. no planes hit the pentagon. I have footage of the missile shot into the building. The planes hitting the towers was done by CGI.

  6. I've come across information that alleges all the passengers were gov't contractors who had signed non-disclosure agreements. Thus eluding that they are still alive.
    I didn't see anything in the article about the flight that landed at Cleveland airport. It was on the local news and the mayor had even made a press release about it. There's video footage of the plain taxiing near a hanger and allegedly the passengers got off the plane and went into the hanger.